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Pet insurance

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default Pet insurance

Post by Lottie on 5th November 2010, 9:36 am

I know it's not exactly wild...but no other animaly place soo.... do you have it? Insurance? We did with dearest Max and spent out over £2,000 in his not long life..bless him... when it came to his op and that awful injection, the total was £456... can't believe how much we spent out, a loan would have been cheaper.

For lil Alice we're setting up a Building Society account and shoving a tenner in each per month to cover costs. Any thoughts? Suggestions? What do you do?



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default Re: Pet insurance

Post by mark barker on 5th November 2010, 10:31 am

I've got insurance for Mary (staffordshire bull terrier/ Rhodesian ridgeback cross) through Petplan, although I'm seriously considering canceling it because the scheme really doesn't work! I have to pay in full at the vets and claim the costs back (minus the first £60!). Its not much every month, but like you I'm thinking that putting a bit more away each month into a dedicated account would work much better for me.

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mark barker

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default Re: Pet insurance

Post by Compostwoman on 5th November 2010, 11:26 am

No ins here as thought it didn't really look worth it. BUT with 3 cats, rabbit and 3 piggies now....the routine costs add up and if anything extra were needed we would be stuffed.


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default Re: Pet insurance

Post by Aberlemno on 5th November 2010, 7:08 pm

I had my horses insured - if you think a vet's bill for a cat is steep, try something horse-sized, especially if they have to go off to Bristol or Liverpool vet hospitals . . . Even euthenasia/disposal are prohibitively expensive. Plus of course, you were covered for your horses escaping, being involved in an accident, accident when ridden etc. You have to be savvy about your insurer though - the cheapest is defo. NOT the best. For smaller pets, perhaps better to have an account where you put so much away each month.


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default Re: Pet insurance

Post by Compostwoman on 5th November 2010, 7:19 pm

Yep thats what we do and yes with the horses I had insurance.


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default Re: Pet insurance

Post by AngelinaJellyBeana on 5th November 2010, 8:07 pm

No, I don't have insurance (apart from for the bees through our association/bbka) General pet insurance doesn't cover the cost of things like routine injections so I really like Lottie's idea of having a separate "pet" account and think I will sort one out. I'd rather pay £10 a month into an account I can get to when needed rather than into an insurance scheme which, you may never need to use until kitty/doggie/hamster etc departs

DD has a scheme with her local vet where she pays £10 a month direct debit so any treatment is "free", including routine injections, are "free"
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default Re: Pet insurance

Post by Sponsored content

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