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default Sauerkraut

Post by Guest on 25th November 2010, 5:28 pm

This year we have managed to get a good harvest of cabbages so I’ve had a couple to try my hand at Sauerkaut.

The method I used is in the “TomPress” catalogue a long with some wonderful crocks costing between 35 and 159 Euros! I do not posses such a thing so I improvised as illustrated. This is a casserole with a saucer on top of the cabbage, then a layer of pervious clingfilm, then another casseroles lid to keep the iron weights well out of the solution.

Basically you shred or chop up into lumps (depends on your preference) a couple of medium cabbages. Pack into into the crock pot. Add salt solution 30g of salt per litre. (The salt has to be just salt not the added stuff that makes it “table salt”). Press the saucer or wood cover down steadily so that all the cabbage is under the solution. Somehow add weights so they are completely away from the salt solution. I put the cling film loosly over the saucer and the top of the pot as the saucer was not a complete fit and the “old methods” use a linen cloth sometimes to keep out flies.

To ferment the cabbage it needs to be at 20-22degC for the first 2 days. Then to change it to the acidification process it is then stored at 15-18degC for up to 21days.

Check it every few days and skim off any “scum” as it is officially know as…but it is a white mold! With my method the scum was above the cling film so I was able to lift off the film and discard, taking with it the scum.

We have tried ours after 15days to make sure it wasn’t getting too strong. It very mild and the remainder has gone back into the cold room that is presently 15degC to see how it progresses.


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default Re: Sauerkraut

Post by Wilhelm Von Rhomboid on 25th November 2010, 6:58 pm

We make a lot of fermented cabbage and other veg, G von R hailing from Eastern Europe. It is an excellent way of preserving, and very healthy and nutritious.
We add spices as well usually, and layer cabbage with cauliflower, pepper, onion, mooli, appleswhatever is on sale in Lidl or we have a glut of. We have four large crocks, on the go at any one time, one with red stuff - red cabbage, beets, etc, one white, one pure cabbage and one spare for whatever there is more of.
Once it is ready, you can of course bottle it on and start again.

Wilhelm Von Rhomboid

Posts : 2942
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Location : Schloss Rhomboid, Carpathia.


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default Re: Sauerkraut

Post by Guest on 26th November 2010, 10:03 pm

Well it tasted good on bread and cheese dribble (...and I'm still here!)


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default Re: Sauerkraut

Post by Guest on 27th November 2010, 10:28 am

I did put a good helping of carraway seed in it. I put it in the jug with the salt and used a bit of boiling water to dissolve the salt and "sanitize" the seed before adding the rest of the water to make the salt solution. I think I put too much in as it was a bit too much like carraway pickle! The festering seemed to bring out the flavour very well.

It does seem a very common practice in Europe.... [I believe that is why the German sailors were known as the Krauts as it is what they used to stop scurvey, whereas the the Brits used limes so were Limys]


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default Re: Sauerkraut

Post by Sponsored content

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