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As sure as eggs is eggs.....

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default As sure as eggs is eggs.....

Post by AngelinaJellyBeana on 27th November 2010, 6:36 am

....or not!

Last weekend, for the first time in almost 5 years, I had to buy some eggs due to my hens not laying at the moment. I got organic, free range from M&S, which are the best I can get hold of. I used most of them in my Christmas cake and they were fine but had a couple left. Just had them scrambled for breakfast and the first thing I noticed was how pale my scrambled eggs looked, not the lovely golden yellow I've become used to, and they really don't taste of much either. Had to put lots of butter and pepper in to make them enjoyable. If that's how "good" eggs taste I'd hate to think how battery eggs taste these days.

Just goes to show that what I've begun to take for granted over the last few years is actually something wonderful and I'm a very lucky person to have my hens. Hope they start laying again soon
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default Re: As sure as eggs is eggs.....

Post by Guest on 27th November 2010, 10:12 am

I know from some friends that had an "egg farm" in the UK that if you become a supplier of a specific suppermarket you are supplied with a card that shows what colour your egg yokes have to be. You then trot along to the food supplier and they provide the exact food for Tesco's egg or Sainsbury's egg....

Tesco's, I recall, were paler as "housewives think they are off if the yellow is too strongly coloured"!! So they can not be eating fresh grass!!

I do not what you mean about bought eggs (really really really not worth it!), but then I also can say the same about all fruit and veg too!

Seems as others are having problems with keeping their hens laying. This is in frugal food, not the animal bit but have you tried boosting their body weight with some maize/corn/mais (what ever you call it in theUK now?) Obviously the wheat is still imortant for egg laying but they do need a bit more stodge.


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default Re: As sure as eggs is eggs.....

Post by Compostwoman on 27th November 2010, 10:50 am

Mine are still laying ( 4 in moult, other 8 laying 6-7 eggs a day)

A few are year olds ish, rest are 2 years old. moulty ones are 3 ish plus

I count my blessings every day when I go out to them.

I am giving them hot mash made of pellets with various stuff added, poultry spice, marmite some days in the hot water, natural youghurt occasionally, just to make it more interesting. I do this first thing in the morning, then they have pellets ad lib all day.

I also have made sure I give them their corn ration at about 2 pm, so they have space to fill up their crops again on pellets before bed time as I found if they had the corn too late they didn't eat any more pellets.

They go out in the wood for an hour or so between 2 ish and 4 ish if the weather is Ok, otherwise they are in their paddock which is pretty huge anyway.

This seems to be working.


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default Re: As sure as eggs is eggs.....

Post by Sponsored content

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