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Its Out There, For Those Who Really Want It...

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default Its Out There, For Those Who Really Want It...

Post by Sparhawk on 2nd January 2011, 2:42 am

Saw this on Sky, this is one business that surely deserves to survive:

West Bank Twins Find Rubbish Pays

9:35am UK, Tuesday December 28, 2010
Dominic Waghorn, Middle East correspondent

Twin brothers in the West Bank want to put the haute back into
cuisine by reviving plans for a restaurant with wings as the
Palestinian economy begins to take off.

Attala and Khamis Sairafi, have already made themselves well known and wealthy with the only waste recycling plant in Palestine. They turn a profit selling Palestinian rubbish to Israelis with their business in Nablus.

"We have a dream," they told Sky News. "The important thing is we built ourselves up by ourselves. This is just the beginning."

But the twins have much bigger dreams than their rubbish business. Ten years ago, they bought a Boeing 707 and brought it to their leisure park. Then the second intifada erupted wrecking their business.

The plane has sat rusting in the leisure park ever since.

But with the intifada over, the Palestinian economy is beginning to recover and Attala and Khamis are dusting off old plans for the Boeing. They gave Sky News an exclusive viewing of the plane.

Currently it is like something out of the TV programme Lost. But when the twins have finished it will have a hundred tables serving everything from fish to falafel. They hope to restore the rusting cockpit, so newlyweds can pose for photographs in the captain's seat.

Twins Attala and Khamis Sairafi. Photo: Sameer Bazbaz

I asked the twins what people thought about their plans. "When they saw it, people were shocked. And they didn't believe it when we brought it here. People said: 'Are they crazy?'" But the twins are very serious about the venture and actively looking for backers.

The West Bank economy has gone from strength to strength thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Palestinians, a lot of aid money, and the
financial expertise of Prime Minister Salaam Fayyad.

The twins hope their dreams can take off in the better economic climate and with right kind of investment.


"the luxuries of civilisation satisfy only those wants which they themselves create..."
                 The Worst Journey In The World - Apsley Cherry-Garrard (1922)

                "Fleeing from the Cylon tyranny, the last Battlestar, Galactica,
    leads a ragtag, fugitive fleet, on a lonely quest—for a shining planet known as Earth."

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default entrepenurial stuff

Post by Penny on 12th January 2011, 12:29 am

You know, it's my opinion the best way to work for peace is by supporting peaceful activities. I'm not comfortable with "radicalism" based on hate or the idea that violence ever does anything good.

I think these twins are awesome. I think they should be backed!!

What works, works.
What doesn't work, doesn't work.
Reality always wins.

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