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Mod recruitment

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default Mod recruitment

Post by Adrian on 11th January 2011, 5:22 pm

Hello All

I wanted to lay out my vision for the future management of the forum.

First of all, moderators.

Moderators have traditionally been forum police, there to control content and behaviour and as far as I am concerned that is an archaic way of viewing forum staffing. While I have previously wanted to get away from the word moderator, I recognise that people expect to see it, so its stays, however this forum is not run the the way that other fora are run and managed.

I still intend for us to have one forum member with specific skills and experience to run each sub forum i.e someone with excellent foraging experience for the "Food for Free" sub forum, someone with Investments experience for that subforum etc. It maybe that some have multiple passions/skills/experience and will end up running more than one subfora if they so desire.

What do I expect
Now what I need is not only experience and skill in each subforum, but also a commitment of time, to be able to keep topics moving, to be the resident expert if you will. There will be, as time progresses, disagreements, so there will be an element of traditional moderation as well, but I hope that we can work as a community and keep disagreements friendly. But above all a drive to share knowledge and to bring new content and topics to this site, to disseminate new ideas and thoughts on how we can live our lives the way we want. Promoting the forum is pretty much an essential task, we are still very small and we need new members to grow and develop - I expect my mods to talk about the forum off forum.

The current team of AngelinaJellybeana, Wilhelm Von Rhomboid, Lottie, and myself will act as Global Moderators, and be there to cover whole sections (as well as run certian subfora) and will be the people that the individual experts can rely on as arbiters etc. They each have extensive experience in moderating fora and will be there to guide as needed. I will continue as site admin and be the final arbiter on disagreements, (but lets try and keep things so that isn't necessary) and may keep the odd subfora as my pet subjects, unless we get a subject expert in those areas.

There is one last thing I want to stress. In other fora, becoming a "moderator" is seen as a kind of promotion, a rising above the "herd" of other members. That is not so here, anyone who takes on a resident expert position runs only their relevant forum and no other, there will be no lording over sections/users the way some mods behave in on other fora. (I am not referring to any one forum btw, it is just a general observation from the many fora that I have used in the past).

So, the question is, do any of you feel that you can offer time, experience and sufficient subject knowledge to run a subforum? If you do and are interested, then send me a pm detailing what you can offer and remember that I don't expect you to be logged on 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, I'm more interested in skills and experience and commitment to your field than spending all day online. Passion is the key.

Paradise Papercraft
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Founder and crotchety old git who wanders around in a threadbare dressing gown muttering

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default Re: Mod recruitment

Post by Adrian on 12th January 2011, 7:54 pm

Still recruiting...

If there is a section that doesn't have a mod attached it is up for grabs..

Paradise Papercraft
Etsy shop
Founder and crotchety old git who wanders around in a threadbare dressing gown muttering

Posts : 2951
Join date : 2009-11-06
Age : 48
Location : Paradise, Nova Scotia


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