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How do you make a Steak & kidney pudding?

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default How do you make a Steak & kidney pudding?

Post by Nick B on 8th January 2010, 11:28 am

Well as the cold snap is here I was wondering what to have for Dinner last night and I remembered how my Dear Mum would make it??

Mum would use:

250g ... 8ozs ........ S/R Flour

125g.....4ozs......... Beef Suet,

very small pinch of salt and enough cold water to blend.

for the inside of the pudding

1 onion finely chopped,

then get my Steak and kidney about 1 1/2 lbs or 800g / 900g (this is appox)

Mum would mix it all together meat onion oxo cube/s salt & pepper and a little water.

When I do mine I cook the onions then in the same pan brown off the steak & kidney, But I make sure that I don't over cook it in the pan. I then take it out of the pan and leave untill cold.
In the mean time de-glaze your pan, as they say with a little beef stock or wine.
If like me I alway have a lot left over so some can be into the pudding and then I'll have gravyleft over to put over the other veg.

Roll out the pudding mixture, then get hold of your pudding basin making sure that it has been well greased with butter.
also making sure you have the top for your pudding.

Right we have all the things to make the pudding its just now time to put it together,
line the pudding basin then put in the steak & kidney/ onion, little gravy or little water /stock cube,( As mum would do it!)
Then we put the Suet pastry lid on top of it all making sure we wet the edge of the pudding so that it will seal.
We then get Grease proof paper making a fold in the middle then geting hold of tin foil or best of all a muslin cloth and then puting it over the top.

Then put string around the basin making sure it's been tightly tied around the top.
Then the best part put it on to steam for at least 4 hrs.
This would also depend on the size of your pudding so the bigger it is then the longer it will take,
the smaller the earlier you can have it.

Now how do you make yours??
Nick B

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default Re: How do you make a Steak & kidney pudding?

Post by Wilhelm Von Rhomboid on 8th January 2010, 11:44 am

I only make pie, not pudding as I find pudding too suety.

I brown the kidney at the start then put it aside. Ditto mushrooms. Then onions and steak browned off and stock (I don't use stock cubes but will use rabbit or even chicken stock if we don't have any beef or veal) and wine in pan with couple tbs flour etc etc and allow this to simmer gently for 1 1/2 hours until the meat is tender and the gravy thick. Then add the kidney and shrooms back in the pan to heat through and into pastry case.

Wilhelm Von Rhomboid

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default Re: How do you make a Steak & kidney pudding?

Post by Sparhawk on 8th January 2010, 10:07 pm

I can thouroughly reccomend adding a dash of red wine to the stock too... Wink

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default Re: How do you make a Steak & kidney pudding?

Post by Sponsored content

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